Imprisonment, death threats won’t stop believer from sharing Good News

By October 10, 2011

Asia (MNN) — Several months ago, a Vision Beyond Borders partner in a closed-access Asian nation was arrested. Seven months later, he was overjoyed for his time in prison. He was later threatened with death, arrested again, and now he continues to tirelessly share the Good News.

This believer will stop at nothing to share the Gospel in prisons, on the streets, in monasteries–anywhere that people are willing to listen.

Over a year ago, VBB was able to purchase a van to make this believer's travels easier. He had been traveling 8 to 12 hours one-way on foot to Buddhist monasteries throughout the country. While driving in his new van one day with some fellow believers, the man saw a woman walking and offered her a ride. She was so thankful, she invited him to dinner.

After dinner, the VBB partner and his friends showed the woman and some of her neighbors the JESUS Film. The neighbors promptly called the police. The Christians were arrested and imprisoned for seven months.

Upon their release, the believers were overjoyed. "You will never guess what God did," the VBB partner told VBB. "He allowed us to go to prison to bring the Gospel to the prisoners; we shared the Gospel with 180 prisoners, led 20 to faith in Jesus Christ, and baptized eight in prison."

This was the beginning of a prison ministry. Although the ministry partner was told that he would be sentenced to death if he continued to evangelize, he began visiting jails on a regular basis, taking with him Bibles, Gospel literature, and personal items for the men.

Recently, he was arrested again for sharing the Truth and imprisoned again for two months, all the while continuing to share the Good News not only with his fellow inmates, but this time with the prison warden as well.

The man has finally been released from prison again, and he continues to share Christ wherever he goes.

The Lord is working powerfully through Vision Beyond Borders and across the globe, even in the hardest to reach nations. Pray for this brother and other dedicated believers like him to continue on with perseverance and boldness.

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