The Church steps up in Beirut

By August 20, 2020

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon is still recovering from the massive explosion in the port of Beirut that shattered windows around the city and killed hundreds. Read more about the strength of the explosion here.

We reported previously that Lebanon had authorized the military to use special powers after the Beirut explosion. But Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says, “I wish that there would be martial law. And most Lebanese people would love the military to take over. Because this has been yet another fake resignation of the government.”

A building in Beirut after the explosion. (Photo courtesy of Horizons International on Facebook)

Houssney says this resignation is largely symbolic. The administrative wing resigned, but not the parliament or the president. “It’s just well-known now that behind all of these presidents and institutions, Hezbollah really calls the shots and approves any major decision that’s going on.”

Government corruption paved the way for the explosion to happen, and Lebanese want a thorough investigation. Even the FBI has started looking at the details surrounding the blast.

The government has stepped down, but the church has stepped up

Houssney says many Lebanese are ashamed of the way their government has failed to respond in any way to the explosion. “Where is the government? Do we have a government? It was like anarchy. There’s no police around. There’s no army around to help when this blast has happened. Even the Red Cross is nowhere to be found. But we could not be prouder of the Church, because churches almost instantly hit the ground.”

These churches, who have already been helping Syrian refugees in the country for years, immediately sent out teams to help clean up and distribute medical supplies and humanitarian aid. Houssney says, “The volunteers are touching the lives of these people, serving these people, and helping them clean up the broken glass. They pray with people and give out meals and sandwiches and medical aid. It’s incredibly impactful and glorifying to Jesus.”

Photo courtesy of Horizons International on Facebook.

If you want to give money to help Lebanon in this crisis, Houssney says, you should give through non-governmental organizations. “Please do not run anyone even $1 of aid through the Lebanese government, because we trust that they will steal it.” Give through Horizons International here.

Especially support the churches in Beirut, as they are the ones providing the most help to people. Houssney says, “That food portion carries with it the very power of eternal life and salvation in Jesus because it’s in the hands of the local believers.”

And pray for Lebanon, that Christ will heal it from the economic crisis, corruption, COVID-19, and the devastating explosion.



The header image shows Christians helping clean up Beirut after the explosion. (Photo courtesy of Horizons International on Facebook)