In Middle East, diplomats scramble to prevent regional war

By October 18, 2023

Israel (MNN) — In the Middle East, senior diplomats scramble to de-escalate the Israel-Hamas war.

The U.N. secretary-general is reportedly traveling to Egypt while U.S. President Joe Biden heads to Tel Aviv for talks with Israeli leaders. Biden will also meet with Arab leaders to discuss humanitarian aid access to Gaza.

“Our president is over there, and it’s a good thing; hopefully, America is going to be a partner to Israel and a friend of the Palestinians,” says Tom Doyle, co-founder of U.S.-based Uncharted Ministries.

“We were just talking with some new believers in Gaza, and it’s a horrific situation.”

(Photo courtesy of Uncharted Ministries)

Over a half-million people fled to southern Gaza this weekend after Israel issued evacuation warnings. Thousands remain stuck at the closed Egyptian border as supplies run desperately low.

Tensions are high at the Rafah border crossing amid continuing airstrikes. Israel does not want humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, while Egypt says it will not accept refugees. Learn why and how the Rafah crossing became a flashpoint in this war.

Hundreds of foreign nationals are said to be among the crowds at Rafah.

“The war in Israel is very close to becoming a regional war. If it does go regional, then it becomes something much bigger. We have to pray that it [does] not spread because this has global implications,” Doyle says.

“This is not the ‘same old, same old’ [situation]. This could develop into a war that affects every man, woman, and child on the planet.”

Pray for the Israel-Hamas war to end. Ask the Lord to open doors so Uncharted church partners can miraculously reach needy people with food and water.

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Header image depicts Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog meeting with majority leader of the United States Senate Chuck Schumer and members of his delegation in Tel Aviv. (Photo credit: Haim Tzach/L.A.M./Wikimedia Commons)

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