In the wake of cyclone devastation, Bangladesh sees outreach growth

By January 29, 2010

Bangladesh (MNN) — It's been more than eight months since Cyclone Aila ravaged Bangladesh and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes with its rain, winds and storm surge.

The flood waters have dissipated; however, their effects are far from over. Thousands still live with little food and no shelter, many still residing in the jungles.

The storm claimed over 300 lives and affected over 2 million people. In two districts of Bangladesh, some 40,000 people lost their homes.

A Gospel For Asia correspondent reported, "Two hundred and fifty families from churches pastored by GFA-supported missionaries still suffer from the aftermath of the cyclone."

On top of all this strife, the winter's cold makes life miserable for people still living in makeshift homes. Without proper shelter, these individuals are at risk of death from exposure. So far, the cold has claimed 13 lives in one region of Bangladesh.

Yet all is not hopeless. Throughout the country, more and more individuals are turning to Christ. In fact, two churches need new buildings because they have outgrown their current locations.

Pray for these new believers and for their faith to deepen. Pray for them as their suffering already challenges what they believe. Pray for God to bring comfort to those in need.

Also, you can help GFA continue to share Christ's love and restore broken lives in the region by clicking here.

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