Increased hostilities deepen hardship in Yemen

By February 4, 2022

Yemen (MNN) — According to the World Food Program, people in Yemen are more vulnerable than ever as the new year begins.

Currency devaluation and hyper-inflation drove hunger rates sky-high in the final months of 2021, affecting half of all Yemeni families. Plus, the WFP is reducing food rations for eight million Yemenis due to funding shortfalls.

At the same time, hostilities peaked in January. Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for a fuel tanker explosion in Abu Dhabi that killed three people and injured six. The strike provoked 24 hours of aerial bombardment by the Saudi-led coalition across Houthi-held territories.

Intensifying hostilities have deepened the hardships faced by Yemeni families, with 15,000 people displaced in a one-month period. Severe movement restrictions on civilians have also worsened, including road closures, checkpoints, and fuel ship clearances. With fuel ships held up in the ports, fuel shortages are affecting supply chains and driving up prices around the country.

Through seven years of war, believers have experienced God’s provision despite hopeless circumstances. His faithfulness continues to build the trust of these frontline believers, who closed 2021 crying out for Him to intervene in their lives and their nation.

One Yemeni woman recently prayed:

“Give us strength, guidance, guts, and compassion. In the name of Jesus, we pray that every wall and every stronghold and every problem in our lives would fall. Free us from every chain that binds us and heal us.”



Header image courtesy of Carl Waldmeier/Flickr/CC2.0.

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