Increasing persecution in Pakistan can’t stop evangelism.

By December 5, 2003

Pakistan (MNN)–The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says Christians are over-represented among government abuse victims.

Coupled with recent terror attacks against believers, many mission agencies concerned about the security issues and the future of outreach in the country.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit says this is where his ‘digital evangelist’ system finds a good use. Tippit and his team filmed evangelistic meetings, which were then put into the national context to be shown in a film setting.

The first reports came in this week on the success of the idea. Tippit says despite the oppressive anti-Christian atmosphere, “There are a number of Christian churches in Pakistan that are trying to reach out and share the Gospel with people.” Of Thursday’s meeting, he shares the good news. “We had, in Pakistan, 400 people attend, in one village, an evangelistic meeting with me preaching in the Pakistani context. We had 57 people who came to know Christ as Lord and Savior.”

Tippit says their team of national church leaders is effective because they can read the safety issues more clearly. He urges prayer for their wisdom. “When they do go into hostile areas, they’ve got to know who the right people are. They’ve got to have the right contacts, or it can be something very dangerous, because where they set this up, and when they set it up is very critical.”

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