Increasing violence in Darfur, Sudan may force humanitarian groups out

By November 10, 2005

Sudan (MNN) — While the African Union is in Darfur, Sudan, to provide protection and peace in the aftermath of the genocide, one Christian organization says that’s simply not happening.

According to Persecution Project Foundation, rapidly escalating violence has pushed humanitarian organizations to the brink of emergency withdrawal. The consequences of that would be catastrophic as hundreds of thousands of lives would be hanging in the balance. With more than 400,000 already dead over the last 2 1/2 years, more deaths could be coming.

Over the last few months Janjaweed fighters attacked refugee camps killing many and destroying nearly 5,000 shelters, as government helicopters flew overhead. Reports indicate that the government is painting their vehicles like African Union peace keepers and attacking many innocent Sudanese.

Persecution Project is helping in the region by providing food and other relief to the Darfur Muslim refugees who have left their homes. PPF also beams Christian radio into Sudan through two radio stations, one of which gets into the Darfur region.

Pray for the situation in Darfur. Pray for protection of PPF workers and that many Sudanese will sense their need for Christ and turn to Him.

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