Incredible news comes from Nepal.

By September 8, 2004

Nepal (MNN)–Gospel for Asia reports their missionary known as ‘Besh’ has been freed by the Maoist rebel group that abducted him in Nepal in mid-August.

Besh’s kidnapping comes in the midst of great turmoil in the nation of Nepal. Recently, Maoist rebels imposed a blockade on the capital city of Kathmandu, which led to sporadic violence, shortages and increased prices.

After appeals from human rights groups, the insurgents lifted their blockade last week, but have threatened to reinstate it within a month if their demands are not met.

In light of the turmoil, Besh’s release is nothing short of miraculous since another worker taken around the same time was found murdered.

GFA asks for prayer support as Besh recovers from the experience. He plans to continue evangelizing the unreached. Pray for the safety of the 365 pastors and missionaries and the 200 churches they have planted.

Continue to pray that the Lord would intervene and bring peace to the nation of Nepal, where insurgent Maoists fight for a communist state and control 60 percent of the country. More than 9,000 lives have been lost since the conflict began in 1996.

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