Independence Day: freedom for wounded warriors

By July 4, 2019

USA (MNN) — The United States celebrates its 243rd Independence Day today. As explained here, people celebrate July 4 as a national holiday because it represents “the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.”

According to government statistics, 16,652 people died protecting U.S. independence in the last 13 years. But that number doesn’t include “wounded warriors” – military veterans who come home with emotional burdens too heavy to bear alone.

Army veteran Steve Prince of Warriors Set Free says 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Each case is different, but there are some common causes. “Survivor’s guilt is probably the biggest one [and] regret,” he says.

“Going back and replaying those activities over and over again in your mind; taking responsibility for things that were outside of your control.”

Merriam-Webster defines “the walking wounded” as people who are injured but still able to walk. This term also describes many veterans. They’re wounded – PTSD, survivor’s guilt, alcoholism – but still largely able to function in day-to-day life.

Warriors Set Free helps “walking wounded” veterans find healing in Christ.

Warriors find freedom in Christ

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Warriors Set Free is a veteran-to-veteran ministry that’s part of Set Free Ministries. They use God’s Word to help hurting vets overcome the memories that haunt them. Prince says the process begins by finding a “pain point.”

“Listening to what they’re saying, trying to understand how they’re framing it,” he describes. “And then, help[ing] them find the lie in it.

Through so-called “freedom appointments” with veterans trained by Warriors Set Free, wounded warriors learn how to process their pain in healthy and biblical ways. Often, it means learning how to fight things unseen.

“Satan is the father of lies. Satan wants us to believe that things were our fault [when they] weren’t our fault. He wants us to feel guilty, feel shame, feel anger, feel regret,” Prince explains.

“At Set Free, [we] specifically introduce a lot of people to spiritual warfare, taking every thought captive.”

Each journey starts with pain, but it ends in freedom. If you or a loved one struggle with the issues described above, reach out to Warriors Set Free today. Sometimes, it may mean making the call for a person you love.

“A lot of veterans won’t ask for help until they find themselves stuck. We’re taught to handle things on our own, and we see asking for help as a weakness.”

The Hero’s Return

If meeting in an office isn’t your style, Prince says there’s another option. “We have an opportunity in July for a weekend event called ‘The Hero’s Return,’” he explains. See an event description here.

“It’s a very thorough approach to dealing with combat stress. It’s in Big Rapids, [Michigan] from July 17 to 21.”

Click here to register for the Hero’s Return event on July 17-21.

“[It is] hands down the best ministry weekend I’ve ever experienced,” Prince says.

“This one is specifically for veterans and first responders. [The event is held on] a beautiful property – 800 acres – [the] lodge sleeps 50 people.”

If you have questions about the event, click here to contact Warriors Set Free staff.



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