India hit with Monday morning earthquake

By January 6, 2016

India (MNN) — Early Monday morning, residents of northeast India were jolted awake by a 6.7-magnitude earthquake.


Manipur, in red, is where a 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck India, early Monday morning.

At 4:35 a.m. local time, the quake struck. Tremors could be felt in Bangladesh and Nepal.

However, the quake’s epicenter was in an isolated area, 18 miles west of Manipur state’s capital city. Still, there are at least seven reported deaths and over 80 people injured.

Five hours after the first quake, another tremor erupted. This time, the earthquake was minor, measuring at a 3.6 magnitude.

PIONEERS USA is asking for prayers for aid workers and the people affected by the India quake. PIONEERS works in India, sharing Christ’s love with victims of HIV. Often times, families shun members found to have HIV.

PIONEERS is offering a multi-faceted approach to bring dignity and discipleship to Indian widows and orphans alienated by society because of HIV.

India has the third-largest HIV population in the world. PIONEERS provides orphan care and helps to employ women who have HIV. Furthermore, PIONEERS offers home-based care for patients and their families who cannot travel. In a time of such great need, PIONEERS is providing for both the physical body and the spiritual soul.

Read about one young woman’s journey with PIONEERS here.

Please pray that PIONEERS work in India will not be affected by the quake. And, please continue to pray for the aid workers and the people affected by the quake in India.

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