India missionary to be released from prison

By September 16, 2010

India (MNN) — An Indian court has ruled that Samuel, a missionary supported by Gospel for Asia, should be released from prison. Samuel, who has been held in a Jharkhand, India, prison since 2004, was accused of being a member of the Naxalite rebel group.

After a series of trials, the court determined that there was insufficient evidence to charge Samuel with the crime for which he had been arrested and charged.

The court declaration came in August, yet Pastor Samuel remains in prison. He is waiting for a final hearing, at which time the court will announce his release date. That hearing is not yet on the court's calendar.

While in prison, Samuel continues to reach out with the love of Jesus. Several of the prisoners chose to follow Christ, and today, there are two weekly worship services in the prison.

Samuel's leaders shared the following praises and prayer requests on his behalf:
• Praise the Lord that He granted His servant grace to stand firm in this trial, and that his faith did not grow cold or weary, rather it soared high and is deeply grounded.
• Praise the Lord for His years of faithfulness to Samuel's family in providing for their needs and sustaining them.
• Praise the Lord that He spoke and touched the hearts of the judiciary authorities in pronouncing justice for our pastor.
• Thank the Lord for keeping Samuel strong and healthy and giving him a good testimony in the prison.
• Pray that the date of the release hearing will soon be declared and that no additional delays come up.
• Pray for Samuel and his family, that they will serve the Lord with the same zeal in the days to come.
• Pray that Samuel's testimony will continue to be fruitful in prison.
• Pray for protection for Samuel and his family from the snares of the evil one and the opponents who falsely accused him.

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