India needs the Gospel

By January 15, 2015
(Photo courtesy E3 Partners)

(Photo courtesy E3 Partners)

India (E3P) — Truth is a powerful thing, but it also seems to be a rare thing.

Uttar Pradesh is the birthplace of Hinduism and the most populated state in India with about 200 million people. According to E3 Partners, that’s about the same population as Germany, Britain, and France combined. If it were a country by itself, it would be the fifth-most populated state.

Despite it’s large population, Christianity is hard to come by. This is especially true among the Badhai people who are largely concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and parts of Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Altogether, there are only about 628,000 Badhai people. They are considered completely unreached, which means there is little, if any, Christian presence among them.

Without any outreach, missionary, or Christian presence, they will die without ever hearing a word of the Gospel. E3 Partners has several trips planned in 2015 to take the Good News of Christ to this region.

They need your prayer and support to reach the unreachable, and they are inviting you to join them in India, Nepal, or the Middle East for a short-term trip. For one week you will be partnering with local believers to share Christ.

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