India Partners raises awareness to protect kids

By October 6, 2009
(Image courtesy India Partners)

(Image courtesy India Partners)

India (MNN) — Over the last 20 years, an estimated one million children have been stolen for their organs. The black market for human organs is a booming business; children are prized for their eyes, hearts, and kidneys. India Partners’ Child Protection Fund educates families and raises awareness in villages throughout India to ensure kids’ safety.

In a recent visit to Orphans Faith Home, the India Partners team was asked to encourage villagers through an evening church service. Over the last month, black market thieves stole 6 village kids from their homes during the night. They would later be killed and their organs harvested.

Despite a government ban in 1994, the black market for human organs continues to thrive in India. Many victims come from corrupt orphanages; children are obtained through fake adoption processes and then sold for their body parts. Thugs take advantage of the impoverished by offering upwards of $1,000 per kidney, much more than the average laborer could earn in year. By kidnapping “donors,” thieves can net $20,000 or more for harvested organs.

India’s “medical tourism” funds this nightmarish practice. People needing major surgeries and transplants come to India for lower fares. Often these procedures are “too expensive” in western countries. For a higher fare, you can be put on the short list for a major organ transplant.

Working with staff and the pastoral team at Orphans Faith Home, India Partners raises awareness of this issue throughout villages. They also help villages around the Orphans Faith Home educate families and children on how to remain safe from the clutches of thieves.

Pray that no more innocent lives fall prey to this modern-day terror. India Partners’ initial goal is to raise $1,000 to educate 1,000 children how to be safe. If more money is raised, a higher goal will be set to protect more kids. You can help raise awareness through the Child Protection Fund by clicking here.

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