India persecution prompts response

By October 9, 2008

India (MNN) — Intense persecution against Christians broke out in Orissa state in late August, destroying 4,500 homes and 150 Christian institutions. It then spread to other states, with new attacks breaking out in Karnataka in mid-September. Dozens of women were sexually abused, and tens of thousands of Christians are in relief camps. Many more are still hiding in forests. At least 60 believers have been martyred.

"I believe the persecution in Orissa is not the end but the beginning of concerted attacks on the Church among the oppressed in India," stated the leader of Operation Mobilization in India. "We covet your prayers at this time."

Christians have been attacked in all regions of India. Mobs of Hindu extremists incited crowds to attack believers in Bangalore; and in Karnataka, churches and prayer centers were vandalized in a series of planned attacks. In Jharkhand, villagers attacked Christians after a worship service. The crowd beat the pastor and believers, then dragged them to a forest temple where their lives were threatened if they did not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ.

The ministry of OM is preparing to assist those who lost homes and is providing counsel for those who lost loved ones. Twenty-five pastors and their families have been moved to an OM base for safety and protection. OM India is doing everything possible, nationally and internationally, to bring justice and relief to the people through government channels.

New Christians from Dalit backgrounds were targeted in all of the attacks. The lowest caste in Indian society, Dalits are generally poor and oppressed. An OM school for Dalit children was burned by attackers, and everything was lost; thankfully none of the workers perished.

OM's immediate need to help victims of these violent attacks is $250,000. Click here if you can help.


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