India: persecution rises in states with anti-conversion laws

By March 31, 2023

India (MNN) — Persecution is skyrocketing in India’s states that enforce anti-conversion laws. Police arrested nearly 20 believers in a single day last week in Uttar Pradesh. All were charged with violating the state’s anti-conversion law, and nine were jailed.

“There are anti-conversion laws in place to protect religion,” Floyd Brobbel with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada says.

“Yet people can’t convert from Hinduism to another religion, so it (the anti-conversion law) is a means to constrain religious minorities in the state.”

In one incident, police arrested eight Christians after watching a mob attack the believers’ church. “There is a culture of impunity due to authorities turning a blind eye,” Brobbel says.

“There are no consequences for burning churches or rising against religious minorities in India.”

Twelve of India’s 28 states have anti-conversion laws. A new report from the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom explains how the laws hurt religious minorities.

“India wants to be known as a Hindu nation, so we see anti-conversion laws. It’s this curtailing of other religions to subjugate them, silence their voice, and pressure minorities to convert,” Brobbel says.

Pray believers can wisely yet unashamedly preach the Gospel, despite the intimidation and violence across India. Help persecuted Christians through The Voice of the Martyrs Canada here.

“Churches continue to do good for the community while testifying to the goodness of God amid a difficult situation,” Brobbel says.

“Pray the light of the Gospel and the light in each believer in India would shine bright in society because people are searching (for hope).”




Header image courtesy of VOM Canada.

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