India prisoners baptized through Crossroad Bible Institute

By June 11, 2015
(Photo courtesy of CBI)

(Photo courtesy of CBI)

India (CBI/MNN) — Issues such as drug abuse, poverty, and political corruption run rampant throughout India. They are reasons why some end up in jail. But through the help of Crossroad Bible Institute, prisoners are receiving a second chance.

The core of Crossroad Bible Institute’s ministry in India is a blend of passionate evangelism and faithful discipleship. The fruits of this ministry are evident: last year, CBI reported 46 prisoners in India had been baptized and gave their lives to Christ throughout the year.

And the fruits continue to grow: CBI India’s satellite campus director Mathotmi Vasha recently baptized twelve prisoners at Sajiwa Central Jail.

CBI India was established in 2012, and since then, Vasha has been busy visiting prisons in northeast India to preach the Gospel, hold Bible studies with CBI students, hand out CBI enrollment forms, and baptize dozens of prisoners who have come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. Sajiwa Central Jail, located in the city of Imphal in the northeast corner of India, is one of the facilities on Vasha’s itinerary.

As a national missionary with the Manipur Baptist Convention, Vasha has a servant’s heart and truly cares about the holistic well-being of the prisoners he serves. In the past, he and his wife have even welcomed returning citizens into their home until they can find food and housing and get back on their feet.

(Photo courtesy of CBI)

(Photo courtesy of CBI)

Vasha has also brought a strong emphasis on evangelism to CBI India, and his account of the baptisms at Sajiwa focused on this aspect of the ministry: “Twelve prisoners accepted and confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior,” he reported. “Let us continue to uphold them in our prayers.”

As always, Vasha was quick to give the glory to God and to His Spirit at work through Crossroad. He called it a “privilege to serve the inmates through CBI’s ministry,” which has given him a resource to disciple prisoners through group Bible studies.

While a story of new believers coming to Christ is always worth celebrating, this update is especially notable in light of the challenges that have recently plagued India’s criminal justice system, such as drug addictions. Vasha works with a halfway house to assist recovering drug addicts.

“It’s uplifting to receive confirmation that CBI India’s mission remains strong even in the face of darkness and difficulty,” said Jacob Busscher, CBI international coordinator. “We hope this story will remind CBI supporters to rejoice at God’s faithfulness and to continue praying for the ministry in CBI India.”

You, too, can help bring hope to the imprisoned. Pray that CBI would effectively touch hearts for the Lord. Pray also for pastors as they bring Jesus to the hopeless. Click here to financially support CBI’s ministry or find ways to volunteer.

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