India seminary graduates attacked by Hindu extremists

By February 25, 2005

India (MNN) — A sister ministry of Bible Pathway Ministries is seeing incredible persecution. Hope Givers International was preparing for their 31st Annual Convention and Graduation Service where they were expecting over 8,000 people including 6,000 graduating students. But, things went terribly wrong.

According to Hope Givers’ M-A Thomas, on February 19th the first 275 Pastors and students came to Kota after 3 days of traveling. They had hardly gotten to the train station when 250 anti-Christian radical armed with iron rods, knives and other weapons attacked them. Even women and young children were targets.

According to Thomas it was a pre-planned, well-organized attempt to send back all who were coming for the conference. “The media was there beforehand to manipulate the issue as a mass-conversion. Local police and railway police officials gave us no support and protection. In fact the Additional Divisional Magistrate called me on phone and said that we must send the people back to their respective places.”

Their drivers, staff and students were beaten, taken into police custody and detained in the train station for over 24 hours. The 275 people were sent back home, but were forced to get off the train in a strange village before arriving without any food or money.

1,500 more people arrived in Kota the next morning without incident, but prayer is needed as city administration is still antagonizing them. Another 28 people were beaten at the Kota Bus Station. Among them was a pregnant woman. All were taken into police custody.

On the 23rd the roads to their grounds were blocked by more than 600 militants, gathered with sticks, iron rods and swords. Police protection was very heavy and strong. “Over 500 police from state and central police were there. The militants threw 3 petrol (Gas) bombs with fire into our tents. It would have burned the whole campus and would have killed at least a 1,000 or more people because over 6,000 people were in one compound. Only one bomb blasted and that also God from Heaven blew the fire off. The bombs thrown would have exploded, but the fire extinguished automatically. Petrol and fire are best friends, both will end together. Not even one person was hurt.”

Thomas says, “The more the persecution the more be the blessing. We are confident in the Lord and no matter what the price, the work shall go on. Please uphold us in your sincere prayers.”

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