India shoe crate delayed due to low donations

By September 22, 2011

India (MNN) — A shipment of shoes to India has been delayed from its August 2011 scheduled shipping date to next year.

Buckner International Shoes for Orphan Souls program has created more partnerships this year than ever before. The idea is that Buckner will be able to help even more kids around the world, but as of right now, year-round needs have caused a lull in shoe donations.

"These ministry partnerships are key for Buckner," says Julia Stark, the Shoes for Orphan Souls program manager. "We are working with more ministries than in years past. It's thrilling to be able to help so many boys and girls. But it means the demand for shoes is year-round rather than just at back-to-school time. So, the drive for shoes has to be year-round, too."

A shoe shortage is no small matter, either. Children who would be receiving these shoes currently are running around barefoot, risking disease and infection. In many areas of the world, children are not allowed to attend school without shoes. A delayed shipment to India increases the length of time that these kids will be at risk for easily preventable disease; they may even be unable to get an education.

More than that, delay may mean an even longer time before these kids hear the Gospel. Shoes for Orphan Souls goes in the Name of Christ, sharing His love with the kids as they hand out shoes.

Currently, Buckner needs 80,000 pairs of shoes to come in to meet all the needs of 2011. The goal is to distribute 150,000 pairs of shoes, which includes those sent through ministry partners.

Buckner can only reach these goals with the help of donors willing to buy a pair of shoes or give online. You could help by organizing a shoe drive at your workplace, church, or civic club. Buckner would provide everything your group needs for a successful effort. Visit to learn more about hosting a drive.

You can also give quickly and directly online. Your gift will provide a needy child with a pair of shoes, the Gospel, and a chance at a better life. You can give here.

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