India slowly coming out of deadly heat wave

By June 16, 2015
(Photo courtesy AMG International)

(Photo courtesy AMG International)

India (MNN) — India is slowly coming out of a heat wave that has killed nearly 2,500 people. According to an international database of disasters, this is the fifth-deadliest ever in the world and second-deadliest ever in India.

The monsoon season is progressing slowly and has come a week late. It’s bringing a much-needed temperature change after the several scorching weeks of 120-degree temperatures.

It’s not fixing all the problems the heat waves have caused, but AMG International has a solution.

The Lack of Water

Because of temperatures, entire lakes and other water sources have dried up and turned into crusty desert grounds, leaving India with a lack of water.

“Water as a whole is an issue at times, and particularly clean drinking water,” says AMG’s Jimmy Myers.

“When you have a heat wave like this and you need much more water and don’t have access to it, and you need clean water and you don’t have access to it, the results can be absolutely devastating.”

Many of the 2,500 victims, for example, were homeless or outdoor workers who became severely dehydrated.

The monsoon rains may provide some relief, but according to IMD, the rains will be below average this year, with a rainfall of around 88%.

“While a 12% deficit doesn’t sound that much, it would still have a huge impact on the country,” The Weather Network says. “India relies on the annual monsoon for agriculture and it’s power supply, with a large proportion of the country’s electricity supplied through hydroelectric power.”

The Solution

Many larger cities have plenty of water from city wells, but smaller rural areas are often ignored. That’s why AMG is working on a solution to provide for them.

“Arun Mohanty, who is the director of AMG India, has appealed to us for a goal of putting 10 more wells this year,” Myers says. “This would provide water for surrounding villages that are affected by the intense heat and the lack of water and the lack of clean drinking water as well.”

Through the construction of these wells, AMG wants to show people the love of Jesus and spread the Word of God.

“It gives us opportunities to open up Bible studies. It helps us open up dialogue with those that we may not have a [project] in their particular village. It makes them very receptive, and they’re very grateful for the kindness and for the work that they know goes into something like this. They’re very responsive to the Gospel because of these types of efforts that AMG India makes.”

With these wells, lives will be saved and thousands will have plenty of clean water for years to come. You can help these efforts by clicking here.

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