India trip fuels lasting relationship

By March 24, 2016

India (Orphan Outreach) — One look at the photos reveals the celebration happening in Aizawl, India, at Gan Sabra HIV Home. Lucy and the children have a Jeep to maneuver the rough mountainside roads, sudden rains, and crowds. For them, and for the family inspired to provide the funding, the Jeep is more than an act of kindness.

It’s a testimony to miracles.

(Photo Courtesy Orphan Outreach)

(Photo Courtesy Orphan Outreach)

When the Halpern family first made the decision to join Orphan Outreach on a mission trip to India, they had no idea the impact it would have on their lives.

“We were there two years ago as a family, and my wife and daughter were there again last year. It was shocking for us. Lucy is so amazing. What she does is amazing,” shares John Halpern.

The family learned about the ministry being done at Gan Sabra through friends, and began supporting the home. Then an invitation was extended to travel to India to visit the children and staff of the home. “We were hesitant, but we went. Just the love that comes from these kids, what they’ve been through and how they spend their lives praying for others. That’s why we had to go, and so we took the leap.”

And then they met Lucy. “What that woman is doing is beyond words. She’s not teaching kids like you or I would. She’s teaching these kids to live–to care for each other and to take their medicine and to survive. As long as we can, we’re taking care of these kids.”

Halpern was unable to return to India in 2015 due to changes in business, but he received regular updates from his wife and daughter as they spent more time at Gan Sabra. “I would get text messages from the kids saying they were all praying for me, that things would go well for me, and that I would get a good job. And I did! Their prayers were answered in such a big way.”

With a new job came a surprise: a signing bonus. And for the Halperns, there was no question where the gift should go. “We didn’t do this for us; this has nothing to do with us. The money for the Jeep was an offering of love for these kids; for Lucy–for someone who stands up for kids who can’t stand up for themselves, for the kids who have gone through so much but think it more important to pray for us.

“Orphan Outreach allowed us to say, ‘We want this money to go to the truck.’ We got to watch as this money went exactly where we desired. They do a phenomenal job to steward the money well. We’ve never met any other organization like them: they were open to us and open to our heart’s desires. They transform ‘us’ into a group of people who work together to help.”

(Photo Courtesy Orphan Outreach)

(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach)

The Halperns plan to return to India in the summer of 2016 to see Lucy and the children. John hopes the trip can become an annual event for them. He also believes others should see what is happening at Gan Sabra.

“My #1 wish is that people would just GO and meet Lucy and the kids. Once you go, you can’t let go.”

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  • Roberta M says:

    Praise the Lord for this ministry and all who support it. Although I can’t help monetarily, I’m putting it on my daily prayer list. God bless you all!

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