India violence continues to interrupt ministry

By August 16, 2012

India (MNN) — At least 5,000 people from northeast India, including students, have left Bangalore in two special trains for Assam fearing repercussions of the recent Assam violence. Nearly 80 people have been killed in the ethnic riots between Muslims and Bodo tribespeople which have rocked India's northeastern state of Assam since late July.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India has work in the region. The ministry's president Dave Stravers says, "Your prayers are still needed for our Literacy Classes and Bible Clubs affected by ongoing violence in northeastern India."

According to Stravers, "Our local partners were forced to suspend programs in the areas most impacted by the ethnic violence between Bodo tribals and the Muslim community in the state of Assam. Thankfully, no families from our Literacy Classes or Bible Clubs are among the thousands who have fled to refugee camps. Most are unable to leave their homes due to a strict government-imposed curfew."

The government has sent out additional military forces to prevent more clashes.

Newspapers in India explain that the conflict is rooted in disputes over land rights, and deep mistrust between tribal minority groups and other ethnic groups.

Sadly, as in many situations around the world, Assam's Christians are caught in the middle of this long-running conflict, along with many thousands of other Hindus, Muslims, and tribals.

Stravers wants you to pray that this upheaval will give believers more opportunities to show the love of Jesus Christ to their neighbors of all religions, whether that be through our free literacy classes that help strengthen families or a Children's Bible Club leader's loving encouragement.

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