India: What’s safety worth?

By February 6, 2014
(Photo courtesy India Partners)

(Photo courtesy India Partners)

India (IPS/MNN) — Mumbai’s red-light districts are not a safe place for children. Surrounded by brothels, abuse and drugs, these children grow up in deplorable conditions.

Their mothers are sex workers who are often trafficked against their will. At night, some of these children are drugged and put under the bed while their mothers work in the sex trade.

Women working in the red light districts are treated like less than human. They encounter daily abuse and violence from customers and pimps. Children left to live in this environment are at an extremely high risk for being abused or used in the trade themselves.

Every day, 160 girls and women are trafficked in India against their will. Today, there are at least 5 million children of sex workers in India.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the help of India Partners, you can keep the doors open to safe houses that rescue a child living in the dangerous red-light districts of Mumbai. $7.08 provides one night of safety.


(Photo courtesy India Partners)

(Photo courtesy India Partners)

In these safe houses, the children are given house parents, a private tutor, enrolled in private school, and given a loving environment where they can thrive. If their mother is still living, they are granted supervised visits.

The children also receive full room and board, clothing, medical care, counseling, full-time education, and the love of Jesus. If their mothers choose to leave the sex trade, they are kept in a safe environment where they are no longer forced to work in that “industry.”

Save these children from being trapped in the brothels, where they experience abuse, drug addiction, and trauma. Instead, help give them hope for the future. Click here if you want to make an eternal difference.

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