India winter coming; ministry makes preparations

By July 21, 2008

India (MNN) — Bible Pathway Ministries' Al Joslyn says
they're partnering with an orphanage in North India with just under a thousand children. Many of them were rescued
off the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs. That means they're unprepared for what's
coming in less than 100 days…a season change.

From October to March, it's winter in this region. The northern plains of India often see very
cold temperatures. In fact, temperature in the Thar Desert can reach the freezing

Nighttime temperatures this winter plummeted to close to
freezing, making life a misery for tens of thousands of people who live on the
streets with few ways of keeping warm.

Joslyn urges people to imagine a child without warm
blankets or clothing trying to survive on their own in that climate, wearing a
single thin layer. "We've received
word in the last week or two that the children there need warm winter
apparel. Specifically, (they need)
blankets, hats and gloves and thermal underwear–things that we take for
granted here."

Joslyn says they're raising funds to provide winter clothing for the kids. Bible Pathway is not looking for
the goods themselves, because shipping them is too expensive. Rather, the ministry wants to raise at least $50,000 USD for
the project so they can purchase the goods in country.

It's an investment in future outreach because these orphans
also get a good education. "They
read the Bible through each year and use the Bible Pathway notes as their
helps. They are given quite a good education. As they grow
up, they go out and start churches and orphanages, and they do a tremendous work
for Jesus Christ." Click here if you can help.

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