Indian church responds to immediate needs

By April 30, 2008

India (MNN) — A gas cylinder explosion that killed several people and destroyed nearly 500 homes in Nagaland, India has become an opportunity for the Gospel to come alive. Believers
at a local church pastored by a Gospel for Asia missionary are being the hands and feet of Christ for the survivors. They began reaching out to them immediately.

The church was miraculously spared despite its location near many other homes that burned. The homes were made of bamboo and were easily ignited. Most of them have been reduced to ashes. 

A majority of the survivors are low-paid daily laborers with few belongings to begin with, and their futures are uncertain. Many have now taken refuge at the nearby church. Families bring to the church with them the few belongings that were spared. Believers there are serving them meals.

Pray that this outreach of the body of Christ will touch the hearts of unbelievers in the village so that they will see God's mercy and provision. 

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