Indian healthcare system groans under COVID-19 surge

By May 17, 2021

India (MNN) — In India, thousands die from COVID-19 every day as the world’s largest spike in cases continues. Occurrences of a respiratory fungal infection have surged as well, fueled by COVID-19. This infection starts in the lungs but can spread to the eyes, jawbone, or even the brain.

Maggie Konstanski of World Concern says India’s healthcare system has become completely overwhelmed. “We are partnering with local communities and with organizations to meet some of the critical needs. We are working to provide direct health support to hospitals and health centers serving in poor areas where people may not have as much access to quality health care. [Our goal is] to make sure that they have the resources that they need in order to deal with this increased demand on their services.”

But Indian laborers risk more than health during this crisis. Konstanski says many depend on their daily wages. If they get sick or lose work during a lockdown, they can’t buy food. “We’re working with people on the ground right now who are meeting those needs, providing food support, providing economic support, and trying to reduce the risks that these families are facing. They have to make really difficult decisions in order to survive.”

Jesus announced His kingdom through acts of healing. Today, Konstanski says Christians can point to Jesus by working for healing in India. Partner with World Concern here.



(Header photo of the Election Commission of India, GODL-India <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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