Indian Missionaries Raise Literacy Rates, Strengthen Souls

By February 2, 2007

India (MNN) — Taking the whole gospel to the
whole person is the focus of Reaching Hands Society who has partnered with
India Partners relief organization.  They
not only reach for souls but embrace and address all the needs of rural Indian
people.  Their literacy and health
programs have empowered the people as well as been a means of sharing the

Children's and adult classes are held after the workday.  The beginning of the class is spent on education and the last half is spent memorizing Bible verses and learning more about the Gospel.  This plan is made clear to the villages from the beginning.  Remo Paul, whose mother founded RHS, is currently an administrator of the organization.  He said he has found that sometimes villages who begin wanting only literacy want to sing and learn from the Bible by the end of the day.

As the part of their first and second phase of the literacy project they were able to raise
the literacy rate in the rural area from .04% to 40%.  "It has kind of brought a sense of self-sufficiency, and a sense of pride among the people, that they can fend for
themselves and not be cheated in the local market," said Paul.

The health care project works with the government to help provide medicated mosquito nets for the villages.  Skits about sanitation educate the people, who have no access to immediate medical help, on how to prevent malaria and water-born diseases.

RHS is sure to enter villages as Christians so the people are aware that RHS believes in a God that is different from their beliefs. They let the people know that there will be prayer and mention of Christ as well as singing and dancing, said Paul.

India's anti-Christian sentiment has caused some shouting and shoving said Paul.    However, despite some fear, they have accepted that will be part of the mission of
Christ.  "We just pray and go out there and do it," Paul said.  They have helped plant 62 churches and appointed local people to pastoral care.

India Partners helps raise people to pray for the projects.  "Every time we have had trouble, we suddenly realized that the trouble had just vanished and we realized someone somewhere around the world had been specifically praying for that issue," Paul said.

India Partners also helps find funding for the literacy and healthcare projects.  Supporting the healthcare project is $800 for one year.  The literacy project costs only $280 and averages $8 per person for the entire year.  To donate to either of these projects or learn more about RHS visit

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