Indian missionary kidnapped; released unharmed

By November 12, 2007

India (MNN) — The recent kidnapping of a Gospel for
Bridge of Hope worker in Manipur, India has the team asking for

Bishnu Manbi was visiting the children's homes when he was kidnapped by an
anti-Christian militant. According to
GFA, a man named Newo burst into the home and began questioning Bishnu.

The man grabbed the student roster from Bishnu, accusing him of working for
an Indian intelligence agency. Newo's
agitation continued to grow into antagonism. He threatened Bishnu, saying that a group he
belonged to would capture all the Bridge of Hope staff.

He then grabbed Bishnu's hands and dragged him outside, threatening to kill
him. Everyone in the home was frightened, but Bishnu began praying earnestly.

God answered these prayers, and Bishnu was released unharmed within a few
hours. GFA says as a result, Christians in the area have a deeper trust in the
Lord, and unbelievers are curious to hear about Christ.

Pray that all the missionaries and Bridge of Hope
workers in the village can continue to serve faithfully and that many more
will come to Christ.


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