Indian pastor recovering at home

By December 21, 2009

India (MNN) — Police in
Karnataka are pressuring a church pastor to drop charges against the militant
Hindus who put him in the hospital last month.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based
Mission India
says Pastor Anil is now recovering at home. The Children's Bible Club he established as
part of his church planting work is still meeting, though some parents are
fearful of ongoing violence. 

Pastor Anil is following doctors' orders to stay on bedrest for one
month. Pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to him during this time and that
Anil will be encouraged and
strengthened to return to his work soon.

The attack took place
in late November. Pastor Anil was preaching to his congregation of 45 on a
normal Sunday when the doors burst open. A crowd of 50 angry Hindu extremists ran in screaming and wielding

In this remote Hindu-dominated
village of about 2,000, the number of
Christians continues to grow. Local believers stood strong even as Hindu
extremists entered their homes and tried to convince them to renounce their faith.

According to Mission India, the
extremists feel threatened by the huge response to the Gospel across India. The
Good News is a threat to the social and spiritual oppression that has enslaved
generations of India's poor.

Please continue to pray for the
situation, as the police are sympathetic to the extremists.

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