Indian pastors catch vision for international missions at conference

By March 21, 2012

India (MNN) — As revival continues to sweep over India, Indian pastors are starting to catch a vision for missions.

The Mission Society recently hosted two International Mobilization Conferences in India to help motivate church leaders toward missional thinking.

The International Mobilization Conferences teach an international version of The Mission Society's Global Outreach seminar, which is adapted to each particular culture and context. The seminar focuses on the concepts of God as a missionary God, the Bible as a missionary book, and God's call for the Church to be missionaries.

Mission Society Vice President Michael Mozley says pastors were catching on already.

"These pastors and lay leaders are catching the vision that it's their responsibility now to do the ministry of missions in their country, among their own people," says Mozley. "It's no longer the West or Europe that's coming to evangelize. They themselves are taking the responsibility of sharing Christ in other cultures even within their country."

By the end of the conferences, pastors had gained a much wider vision for missions. Flags of nations surrounding India were raised as the conferences concluded. Pastors were asked to lay hands over the flags and pray for the various nations.

India is made of a very small minority of Christians. Mozley says many leaders, for the first time, considered reaching other nations with the Gospel as a result of the conferences.

"They think about their own culture, their own people; but when [we] begin to teach about reaching out to other cultures, it's new information for them. And it really enhances and challenges them," says Mozley.

Perspectives were changed. Now The Mission Society is praying that those new perspectives will stick.

"Our prayer is that these men and women would take the material back to their own churches and begin to teach it and implement it into their lives, into their ministries, and into the leadership of the people that they're interacting with on a daily basis."

Plans are being made to offer two International Mobilization Conferences in India in 2013.


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  • JOSHUA . B says:

    Praise the lord. Inform me whenever conference takes place.

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