Indian woman now a part of the ministry

By July 30, 2007

India (MNN) — With the love and intentionality of Gospel for Asia's women's ministry, one Indian woman in particular has been completely transformed. 

Jeevitha, a woman living in India's Goa state, was trapped in her addiction to alcohol. She was beginning to bring her family down, and people in her community had even lodged complaints that she disturbed the peace.

When Jeevitha met the GFA women one day, they shared Jesus and Gospel tracts with her.  She began spending more time with them but was unable to stop drinking. The women advised and encouraged her to seek Jesus' help with her addiction.

Jeevitha cried out to Jesus in prayer and suddenly could no longer drink. "I tried to drink the next jug, but I was not able, and I realized that God had changed me, that I was able
to live without drinking," she said. 

From that moment, Jeevitha's life was completely transformed. She put her trust in Christ and threw away all of her alcohol. Looking back, she is thankful that God protected her in her desperation from turning to prostitution. 

Jeevitha is now active with the GFA women's ministry. She wants everyone to experience the lifesaving love of God. She carries Gospel tracts with her wherever she goes–even to her workplace in the court system where she meets criminals and judges everyday. 

One lawyer watched Jeevitha's life being transformed. He said, "How amazed I am! If God can change this kind of woman, He can change anyone in the world."

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