Indian woman proves you’re never too old to go back to class

By February 18, 2022

India (MNN) — You’re truly never too old to learn a new skill — especially one that could be life-changing.

Maha is a 63-year-old woman in India. She never learned to read or write and her days were spent in agonizing physical pain. Then Maha’s friend suggested she attend one of Mission India’s Adult Literacy Classes. At the very least, it could take her mind off the pain.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Erik with Mission India says, “Within a few days of attending, Maha told the teacher about the pain that she was experiencing and the teacher actually prayed over her for healing. After years of agony with that pain she was experiencing, within two hours of that teacher’s prayer, the pain was removed!”

Through the Adult Literacy Class, Maha achieved a fifth grade level in reading, writing, and math. She also learned about good hygiene and received some seeds to plant a garden. But most importantly, she learned about the life-saving message of Jesus Christ.

Erik says, “This class not only completely transformed her physically, but also emotionally and — of utmost importance — spiritually. She now knows Jesus as her Savior and she’s walking in this newfound freedom.”

India is one of the most unreached places on earth. Out of 1.3 billion people, roughly 95% have never heard the Gospel.

There are many men and women in India who not only need educational resources, but also Christ’s hope.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

It costs just $40 to give an adult in India access to an Adult Literacy Class for a whole year. If you want to partner with Mission India by donating to an Adult Literacy Class, click here!

Erik says, “Maha is forever changed because someone gave a $40 gift to give her a year-long training to better her life financially, spiritually, educationally, and emotionally.”

Please pray for Maha’s encouragement as her family is resistant to her new faith. Pray also for the men and women in these Adult Literacy Classes to know the beauty of life in Christ.






Header photo courtesy of Mission India.