India’s deadly flooding affects Compassion International

By September 4, 2009

India (MNN) — Deadly monsoon-driven floods in India's Bihar
state displaced one million people.

The flooding compounds fears of food shortages in the days
ahead. June proved to be the driest in
about 83 years. According to reports on
Relief Web, the rains that did fall were 29 per cent below normal.

Ironically, Bihar faces a double scourge, with floods in
the Northern parts and drought in the Southern areas.

The waters have receded now, and  three affected Compassion International child development
centers re-opened.

security, however, is the growing concern.

Since the flooding destroyed crops, many parents of
Compassion-assisted children have no ability to generate income. Church
partners distributed relief supplies to affected families including food, candles and matches, rain coats, plastic sheets, tarps
and medicine.

Compassion-sponsored children have
access to educational opportunities, medical care, nutritious food and
knowledge of the love of God.

Please pray for the children as they
grow and mature. Pray they will be excited to learn at school. Pray also that their
hearts will be softened to learn about God and follow Him. Ask God
to continue providing for their needs.

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