India’s election kicks off tomorrow: How will it affect Christians?

By April 18, 2024

India (MNN) — Tomorrow kicks off a gargantuan exercise of democracy: India’s general election. There are nearly 970 million eligible Indian voters. The polls open tomorrow and the process will take 44 days in multiple phases across the country.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is campaigning for a third consecutive, five-year term. Voters will also elect lower parliament house members.

The outcome of this election will impact India’s politics, culture, and Christian ministries. Unfortunately, Christian persecution in India has risen over the last several years under the current political system.

No matter the election’s outcome, Rev. Jason Woolford, President of Mission Cry, says Indian Christians will remain faithful to the Gospel.

“We’re thankful for partnerships that we have there – partnerships where they’re willing to risk their livelihood and even possibly imprisonment by understanding the importance of the Word of God because it’s the only thing that’s going to deliver.”

Mission Cry shipment of Bibles and Christian books to India. (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

In fact, you can pray for a Mission Cry shipment currently en route to resource a seminary in eastern India.

Woolford says, “This new seminary will be filled with Bibles and Christian books – seminary materials – instantly after the shipment that will be arriving over the next couple of months.”

Pray for a growing Gospel impact in India. You can help by supporting the Mission Cry container headed there now!

“For us to send a container filled with half a million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books, it cost us $11,000,” says Woolford. “That’s all it costs to send half a million dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books where they’re freely distributed and given to our Mission Cry partners on the other end.”

Click here to donate to Mission Cry.

Also, ask the Lord to grant Indians wisdom as they head to the polls over the next several weeks.




Header photo of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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