India’s Manipur state a guerilla war zone

By July 10, 2023

India (MNN) — Manipur state in India has become a guerilla war zone. It’s been two months since the Meitei people began a campaign attacking tribal Christians and burning their homes and churches. Now, makeshift bunkers and fortifications crisscross Manipur as each side defends its territory.

Within the first month, over 35,000 people fleeing Manipur were displaced in IDP camps. Now, the number has nearly doubled to 60,000 people.

Regan Miller with Mission India says, “Schools in the area have been trying to reopen to establish some normalcy again. Yet, teachers and students are really just not showing up because they’re afraid of everything that’s going on in their safety. So they’re still far from normalcy and it’s crazy to think that’s still going on when it’s been two months since the violence started.”

Tribal Christians from Manipur receiving relief kits from Mission India partners. (Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Mission India’s partners on the ground say they are encouraged by the faithful example of persecuted Christians in Manipur.

“They sent us this video of Christians that were just lining the street in Manipur praying for their state and praying over the violence that’s taking place.”

Miller says, “It just shows how much they’re able to continue to trust God during this time, even though they’re being targeted. They’re not leaving their faith. They’re staying strong, and they’re continuing to trust in God.”

Pray for protection over tribal Christian homes and churches, and for Meitei Christians who are caught in the middle. And pray for those who don’t know Jesus to hear the Gospel.

“We’re also praying for God’s guidance and protection over our church planters and other partners in the area,” Miller says. “They’re just trying to figure out how to best rebuild and how to help the people around them.”

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You can also watch the video of Christians in Manipur praying below.



Header photo courtesy of Mission India.