Indigenous-supported work is a success in former Soviet Union

By March 2, 2012

Russia (MNN) — While Russia is gearing up for elections, Christian Aid Mission continues to support indigenous evangelism, church planting, and discipleship training efforts there. Why? Because many still need to know Christ, which is the only way to change the corrupt culture.

Evangelist Slavik Radchuk has been working with Christian Aid Mission for more than 20 years. God opened wide a door for him to preach Christ to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, as well as Russians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Kazaks and others. He has conducted hundreds of evangelistic campaigns, many attended by more than 10,000 people. Thousands have come to Christ. As churches were planted and discipleship took root, they were able to send missionaries.

According to Radchuk, "We've sent missionaries to different nations like, for example, the United Arab Emirates, Israel–up to 350 churches with Russian-speaking people, in Central Asia, in the Baltic nations, Moldova, Belarus, everywhere. We are very active. We are aggressive for new souls."

The fact that Russian is spoken in all former Soviet states, and that all of Radchuk's education was in the Russian language, has enabled him to preach to those multitudes in a language they all can understand.
At least a hundred million people have heard the Gospel on Radchuk's radio and television broadcasts, made possible by support from Christian Aid. They have been aired on all existing channels in some countries. And most of those people never had a chance to hear the Gospel before. Radchuk receives thousands of letters every month from people responding to his broadcasts.

Since he joined the missionary staff of Christian Aid 15 years ago, Radchuk has continually gone back and forth between the USA and the former USSR. In each country, he contacts and evaluates indigenous ministries to determine which should receive financial help from Christian Aid. Every part of the former USSR is being reached, including the Islamic areas of Central Asia and the remotest regions of northern Siberia.

Radchuk is excited about what's happening there. "Now 95% of the missionaries, bishops, or pastors are under 35." That means funding is needed to help with training.

Christian Aid has a goal of receiving special gifts totaling $200,000 to cover the costs of Radchuk's work. Please pray about sending a special missionary offering for him.

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