Indonesia may be softening, allowing foreign aid works more time

By March 24, 2005

Indonesia (MNN) — The end of March is the deadline foreign aid workers to get out of Indonesia. Tsunami victims there have been wondering what will happen to the needed aid that is being delivered by these aid workers, many of whom are Christians.

But, according to reports that position may be softening a bit. According to Assist News Service, Operation Blessing International is well placed as one of the few registered Indonesian organizations.

Because of the impact their medical missions has had over the years, Operation Blessing has operated closely with the Indonesian military and the United Nations. While most organizations and ministries have been restricted geographically, OBI has gained a great deal of favor and has been able to service many of the villages who are still cut off because of damaged roads and harbors.

Since Operation Blessing is a Christian agencies, their testimonies are evident in everything they do. Plans are in place to help build 3,400 new homes and to help fisherman get back on their feet with a goal of building 1,000 new fishing boats.

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