Inflation exacerbating food crisis in Pakistan

By April 5, 2023

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistanis are feeling a desperation many have never experienced in their lifetime. Inflation is the worst it’s been in nearly 60 years, and it’s exacerbating an already dire food crisis.

On Saturday, Pakistan’s Consumer Price Index announced March inflation soared to 35.37%. People are anxious for food when they can find it. Even when food is available, the next question is, can they afford it?

At flour distribution centers, stampedes have recently killed at least 20 people – mostly women and children.

Nehemiah* with FMI says, “We have seen several videos floating on the internet that whenever there is a truck coming with the food or the rice or the flour, people are just looting. I have never seen something like that. I saw a few such things in Afghanistan, but never in Pakistan.

(Photo courtesy of Shazaf Zafar via Unsplash)

“Even if you have to buy a bag of flour, you have to go to the black market. There were several times when I was driving around Pakistan and I needed to refuel my gas tank…. I had to go through the black market to get gas in my car. It is a terrible situation. We have never ever seen or heard anything like that which Pakistan is experiencing right now.”

Christians in Pakistan only make up around one-percent of the population and are severely marginalized. In situations like this, they are often the last ones to receive aid — if at all.

However, this isn’t stopping Pakistani believers from loving others in the name of Jesus.

Nehemiah says an FMI-supported church planter had a Muslim neighbor who desperately needed food. Rather than just looking out for himself, the church planter went out of his way to help this neighbor.

“They were able to get him a bag of flour and that was the way he was able to witness Jesus Christ. That neighbor who was a Muslim, he asked, ‘Why are you helping me and getting me the flour bag?’ And he said, ‘Because this is what the Bible teaches us: That we love our neighbors.’ So that was an opportunity that he can proclaim the Gospel and plant the Gospel in this difficult situation.”

Pray for relief in Pakistan, and for those who are anxious and hopeless to experience God’s comfort.

“Please pray for our brothers and sisters who are part of FMI. Please pray for them while they are struggling in this difficult situation [that] they can witness our Savior in these difficult times.”

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*Full name withheld for security.

Header photo courtesy of FMI.

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