Informal “school” trains Next Generation Christians

By July 30, 2009

CIS (MNN) — God
is raising up a new generation of Christian leaders in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Sergey Rakhuba of Russian
said 2,200 students are currently training in the School Without
Walls program in 60 different locations in the former Soviet Union. 

"We really hope that in a few
years, this evangelical movement will be re-energized because of this next
generation of evangelical leaders trained through School without Walls," Rakhuba
said. "They will definitely help the
evangelical movement in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries to
continue growth and spreading the Gospel effectively in this very difficult

Recently, Rakhuba visited a
Christian camp in a church basement outside of Moscow, where he met a student
from School Without Walls who already shows great leadership potential. 

"Natasha came to know Christ two
years ago in one of the youth camps with Russian Ministries," Rakhuba said. "I saw her as the leader of this camp, and she
was in charge of the whole thing. She
was in charge of training younger people how to lead all those activities; she
was one of the spiritual leaders there at the camp." 

Natasha has completed the first
part of School Without Walls and is doing her ministry practicum before moving
on the second part.  Already, God could
use her ministry to change lives in the same way that her life was changed.

"I'm sure that in a group of
those 60-plus young kids, there will be a few more leaders who will come to
know Christ, who will grow in Christ, and who will get trained in one of those
Schools without Walls that we're offering," Rakhuba said. "And in the future, they will become true and
very progressive leaders for the evangelical church here in Russia." 

The training focuses on knowing
the Word of God, character development, preparation for ministry and
evangelism, and mentoring relationships with mature Christian leaders. Often, the program dramatically impacts the
way students view their faith. 

"As soon as they learn that their
responsibility before God is not just to come to church and not just to read
the Word of God, but to practice it…when they realize God is calling them into
active ministry on behalf of their churches, they get involved in their
communities," Rakhuba said. "They reach
out to those who are in need, to those who need to learn about hope in Jesus." 

Prayerfully consider how you can
support School Without Walls and the next generation of Christian leaders in
the former Soviet Union. 

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