Inhabitants of Dogo Nahawa try to face devastating losses

By May 14, 2010

Nigeria (MNN) — It has been almost two months since Fulani herdsmen entered Dogo Nahawa, Nigeria in the middle of the night and killed around 500 people. Many of the survivors are still trying to come to grips with the reality of what happened.

Open Doors USA reported the Muslim extremists entered the village in the middle of the night, burning down homes and attacking individuals with machetes. When the smoke cleared, they had taken hundreds of lives and destroyed the property and livelihood of many more.

Many victims of the attack were women and children.

To restore hope in this life and the next, these Nigerians need the hope of Christ. Dogo Nahawa is a predominantly-Christian community, and the survivors need Christ's comfort, care and healing in this time, Open Doors said.

Pray for God's sovereignty to be seen in this situation and for forgiveness to begin to take place. Pray for the Christians of the community not to pull away from God but to trust Him and to point non-believers to His truth.

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