Institute confident God’s healing will spread

By June 21, 2007

Ghana (MNN) – Students in Ghana are being transformed by the Word of God. 

Oasis International's
training center has been experiencing encouraging stories of healing and growth among its students. 

One student called his pastor when he had been suffering from headaches. The pastor prayed for him over the phone. "The student called back 10 minutes later praising the Lord, rejoicing.  He said ‘I'm healed, I'm healed! God has touched me!' And we just believe this is a result of some of the things they're learning in the class–having faith toward God, believing that He is still our Healer," said Ambrose

Another girl who started classes with emotional and mental instability is now sharing insights from God's Word with clarity. A pastor in charge of 13 churches was struggling with conflicts in his churches. "He came to us the other day and said the Word of God that he heard in the classroom and some of the things we shared gave him the answers
and solutions to some of the difficult situations he was going through," Brennan reported.

The positive reports are a sign to Oasis that they are in the right place. "It's telling us how important it is that we are here in Ghana sharing the word with the local
pastors and some of the students so they can take this word that they're hearing to their communities–to their churches, to their schools–and produce the same type of results," said Brennan. 

Even with the positive reports spreading, follow-up is still a need in Ghana. Also, illiteracy and a lack of Bibles are looming obstacles, especially to those who hear stories of God's healing and want to learn more. "Many of our students tell us that in their household there's just one Bible for everyone to use–if they even have one Bible–or they borrow their neighbors," said Brennan.

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