Interactive program connects Arab youth with Lebanese worship band

By April 28, 2009

Middle East (MNN) — Members of a well-known Lebanese worship band, "Strongholds," desired to reach more people with their message. The group recently launched a live program on SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. The program called "From Me to You" communicates with viewers through text messages, e-mail and Facebook.

"I love how I'm talking to people I never thought I would, from many different countries," said Joyce, one of the band members and a host on the show. "It's great to get to know them, pray for them, and see how we are one body in Christ."

Band members introduce Arab music videos on each show, take requests, and perform some songs live. Hosts also talk to viewers directly. On a recent show, a viewer from Iraq named F.H. sent a text message asking about salvation. Rawad, another host/band member on the show, used this opportunity to clarify the meaning of being "born again."

"It's a response from the call of God to accept Jesus as your Savior," Rawad explained. "I want to tell you, F.H., that you are very courageous and also say that if there is anyone else out there who also wants to take this step, you shouldn't be afraid."

Each show also discusses a topical issue, such as fear. At the end of each show, viewers are encouraged to visit "From Me to You" on Facebook. They can send prayer requests to the site, as well as songs or issues they'd like to see in the next episode.

"We are getting many responses," says Joyce. "People like to send text messages, especially from Iraq, and they also go to our Facebook site to discuss topics we've covered on the show."

You can find out more about "From Me to You" and other SAT-7 programs by visiting SAT-7's Web site.

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