International Aid enters Horn of Africa crisis

By September 5, 2011

Somalia (IAI/MNN) — Five
regions in Somalia are suffering from famine, and officials say that will
increase in coming weeks. There's also widespread hunger in Ethiopia, Kenya,
and Djibouti. The United Nations estimates that more than 12 million people
need help, including about 3.7 million Somalis.

The U.S. just announced another $23
million dollars in grants for famine relief. A
combination of drought, famine and war combined to create a perfect storm,
resulting in the worst drought in half a century for southern Somalia.

Reports confirm that over a thousand
refugees are crossing into Kenya and Ethiopia daily. However, the problem wasn't limited by
boundaries on a map. The drought
conditions have spread throughout northern Kenya and also include Ethiopia, Djibouti
and Eritrea.

The immediate response of International Aid is to financially assist a partner who has had a presence in Kenya for
eight years. With warehouses on the ground, these partners have an established
distribution system to meet the needs of both Kenyan nationals and Somalian
refugees who are in desperate need of life-saving aid.

Any funds International Aid collects
will be used to buy food and supplies that will be used by those working with
Somali refugees in Kenya.

"The situation in East Africa is
severe and will be long-lasting," said Brian Anderson, International Aid's
CEO. "International Aid is dedicated to supporting our in-country partners
throughout this crisis and seeking out opportunities to best meet the needs of
those who are suffering."

As the drought continues,
International Aid will search for opportunities to supply health products
and/or medical equipment.

Please pray for the team working in
the name of Christ in these disaster areas. Pray, too, for those affected by
this crisis, for effectiveness in the distribution of aid, and for God's
provision for those in need.

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