International Bible Society plans major effort to get the Word of God in the hands of people.

By November 12, 2004

USA (MNN) — The International Bible Society is targeting Colorado Springs, Colorado, with its city-reachers project.

On December 19, 100,000 New Testaments custom-designed for Colorado Springs will be distributed with the Sunday newspaper, reaching about 260,000 people with God’s Word.

Inspired by similar projects in Germany and Seattle, Wash., and following the city-reachers projects previously done in Jackson, Miss., and Houston, Texas, the outreach to Colorado Springs has been in the planning stages for over a year. But it’s the first custom New Testament project, with pictures of well-known places in Colorado Springs and things that are familiar to people in that city, thereby tailored specifically for them.

Bob Jackson is with IBS, “We know that the Word of God is relevant, but we do the best we can do to make the Bible pick-up-able, that people will want to pick it up. And so as they look at this and see the title, which is ‘Our City God’s Word’ and see the images on the outside, we’re convinced that many people who wouldn’t perhaps pick up a black Bible with gold lettering, will pick this up and perhaps read some of it and it’ll get into their hearts.”

More than 40 local churches and 90 organizations have joined this effort, partnering with IBS for planning, prayer and follow-up for the project. Jackson emphasized the tremendous unifying effort this project has been to the church as a whole, and he is hoping to see great things come about as a result.

The primary purpose of the city-reachers project, says Jackson, is to see the Word of God do its powerful work in the lives of people, “So we’re believing that there’re going to be some things happening here that perhaps have never happened before, some people who at least come to know the Word of God, or become aqcuainted with the Word of God maybe who have never read it before, and hopefully some lives transformed.”

Pray that as the International Bible Society and the many others who are part of this work sows the seed of the Word in the Colorado Springs community, that God will bring about many changed lives through the power of His Word in their hearts.

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