The International Day of Families

By May 15, 2014
Photo courtesy of Compassion International

(Photo courtesy of Compassion International)

International (CMP/MNN) —  On May 15, 2014, Compassion International joins the U.N. General Assembly in observance of the International Day of Families. The International Day of Families is observed on May 15 every year and resolves to honor the importance of families in the international community.

“Families hold societies together, and inter-generational relationships extend this legacy over time,” said U.N. Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. “This year’s International Day of Families is an occasion to celebrate connections among all members of the constellations that makes up a family. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how they are affected by social and economic trends–and what we can do to strengthen families in response.”

“As an international nonprofit focused on child development, Compassion International understands the value of families and the effect of social and economic barriers to the stability of families and children across the globe,” said Mark Hanlon, Compassion International senior vice president of global marketing and engagement. “We are dedicated to serving families here in the U.S., by providing resources that strengthen family dynamics and families across the globe, through our child sponsorship program and family gift options.”

Compassion International offers families Explorer Magazine, a free children’s magazine that provides parents with a fun and creative way to educate children about the issues that children and families living in poverty face each day.

Families can subscribe to the free magazine by texting FAMILY to 38470.

In addition, Compassion International is currently developing a free resource for families to offer practical acts of service that family members can engage in together.

Research such as that done by the Search Institute and Baylor University Dean Diana Garland has shown that families grow stronger by serving together. “But often parents don’t know where to start,” said Naomi Cramer Overton, director of advocacy for Compassion USA. “In order to love our neighbor, we first have to know our neighbor. So far, around 30,000 U.S. families are taking a first step by receiving this magazine to learn about real children from Africa, Asia, and Latin America and enjoy their stories, games, craft, recipes, and more.”

See how your family can get involved by subscribing to the magazine. Pray that Compassion would be able to guide many families to live in a way that glorifies Christ.

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  • I would like to subscribe to Explorer magazine for myself. I am a Canadian Advocate for Compassion Canada. Thank you so much for including news of Campassion’s work.

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