International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

By October 14, 2014
(Photo cred: Open Doors USA)

(Photo cred: Open Doors USA)

USA (MNN) — The International Day of Prayer for the persecuted Church, or IDOP, is approaching quickly on November 2.

IDOP is a day in which Christians worldwide unite together to pray for over 100 million fellow Christians stretched across the globe. These Christians are persecuted consistently.

More than half a million churches in 150 countries participate in IDOP.

Open Doors USA, a ministry dedicated to supporting persecuted Christians, is providing free resources, downloads, and special Webcasts in honor of IDOP.

They are including kits for churches, small groups, families, and schools, which include a leader’s guide, DVDs, information on how to order “One With Them” wristbands and how to participate in their live webcasts, which will be held Saturday November 1 at 8 pm.

An exclusive Webcast will be held for churches and small groups on Sunday, November 2, at 7 pm.

The Webcast will be hosted by Open Doors President and CEO Dr. David Curry.

Curry says “This year has been unusual in every way. You see stories throughout the news about what’s happening to Christians. We need to care. The world, the media–the mainstream media–will not care more than you.”

He invites people to join IDOP and sign up for their Webcast, which will feature several speakers.

Pastor David Platt, president of the International Mission Board and the author of the best selling book, Radical, will be speaking about how Americans can do their part for the persecuted church.

Author of The Insanity of God, Nik Ripken, will tell his story about what is happening in Somalia and other countries.

Also the award-winning group Selah and several persecuted Christians will be featured.

For an IDOP kit and information about the Open Doors Web cast, click here.

Also watch for information about an upcoming Mission Network News special IDOP broadcast.


  • Fran Roads says:

    Could you clarify some information for me.
    Some web sites indicate the IDOP will be Nov. 2, some Nov. 8 or 15;

    Also there is one web cast, advertised for OCt 30 with guests form N. Korea and several other places.

    Another web cast is on Nov 1 and another on Nov. 2.

    I am trying to figure out which one would be most suitable for our church family. Where can I find more info on content, length, format, etc?

    Thank you, Frances Roads

  • Ruth Kramer says:


    Thanks so much for asking. The October 30 date is a webcast in preparation for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, Sunday, Nov 1.
    There are two dates, as noted by the World Evangelical Alliance (the second one being November 8), but groups like Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs are
    commemorating IDOP on November 1.

    In the modern church calendar, the first two Sundays of November are set apart to remember and pray for the persecuted church,to remember the saints of the Church and souls of those who went before us. That’s done through the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP).

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