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By April 18, 2016

International (MNN) — Keys for Kids Ministries is seeing some incredible opportunities open up as they connect with international partners. They recently started digging deeper into their partnership relations and “uncovered some really key partners who we think can take Keys for Kids and just explode,” says Keys for Kids’ Greg Yoder.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids via Facebook)

The ministry is working with partners like MegaVoice – which created the Treasure and Audio Scripture Ministries – to translate devotionals, and offer them in both audio and print format.

“We know that as people kind of become more oral learners, they’re probably more apt to listen, rather than read.”

Keys for Kids has already seen the benefits of working with international partners.

In China, one of their partners is “working with one of the most popular social media software packages, called WeChat, and they have been taking Keys for Kids and translating it into simplified Mandarin.”

With the simplified Mandarin translation, indigenous people in any situation can understand the message of Christ. And, there will be no lack of devotionals because the in-country partners are releasing audio versions six times a week.

Council on Foreign Relations reports about five-percent of people in China are Christians. The Church is growing faster than ever before in the nation. And, with Keys for Kids devotionals, a new generation will grow up with the Word of God in their hands.

Keys for Kids is also seeing a blossoming partnership in the Middle East. A medical doctor in Cairo, Egypt, has been translating devotionals for 14 years now. Keys for Kids is now partnering with her, and hoping to distribute devotionals to 14,000 churches in the Middle East.

“God is just opening some incredible doors, especially when you think of all the refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East that are in great need right now. We just believe that these devotionals could not only provide comfort for these people, but introduce them to Jesus,” Yoder says.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids via Facebook)

World Vision reports about 4.6 million Syrians are refugees, 6.6 million have been displaced, and half of those are children. The Keys for Kids native-tongue audio or print devotionals are made specifically for children. They’ll give youths an understanding of Christ and His expansive love for them.

There’s an international thirst for God’s Word and Keys for Kids is providing the Living Water.

“We just believe that that could be another distribution point of Keys for Kids ministries internationally to see people – children especially – come to Jesus.”

As the goals and the project take off, Keys for Kids invites you to pray for changed hearts and lives seeking truth. Help kick start the program with your financial support to Keys for Kids.

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