International Widows’ Day

By June 23, 2014

South Asia (MNN) — Today is International Widows’ Day.

The Bible tells us to take care of the orphan, the widow, and the alien. It’s easy to see these are some Jesus referred to as “the least of these.”

Gospel for Asia is using this day to focus on widows in South Asia.

According to GFA, there are over 40 million widows in South Asia who struggle every day just to live.

Often, widows are blamed for their husband’s death, so not even family will help out.

It's International Widows Day (Photo courtesy of GFA)

It’s International Widows Day.
(Photo courtesy of GFA)

One in four homes in India belong to widows. That’s 25%! They often resort to prostitution or street begging just to provide for their children. Some even gather food from the trash.

Gospel for Asia also reports that for some women, the only way out they can see is suicide.

That’s why GFA is providing free medical checkups, sewing machine and tailoring classes, new clothes, food and water and other basic necessities, and animals that can provide an income.

You can be a part of this not only today, but every day. You can help these women get back their dignity. You can help them wake up in the morning without having to wonder where they’ll get their food for the day.

Your gift and your support could be the open doors pastors in the area need to share the hope of the Gospel.

If you would like to support widows financially, here’s the link.

As you read this, pray for God’s protection over widows of the world. Pray that they would be able to see the hope that’s in Christ Jesus, even in their dire circumstances.

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