Internet evangelism is seeing a great response.

By December 22, 2003

International (MNN) — The internet is being used in evangelism and discipleship to lead many to Christ. Truth Media is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ Canada. Truth Media’s Dennis Fierbach (feer-bahk) describes their outreach. “Truth Media is an internet that’s dedicated to help people come to know God in a personal way through the medium of the internet and then helping them grow in their faith through discipleship sites. Our goal is to impact people around the world by using the medium of the internet and using the tools of the internet.”

Fierbach says Truth Media has seen many respond. “Well, on an average month we’ll have about 750-thousand people who visit our sites, of those approximately 1,400 people will indicate that they received Christ or have made some kind of significant spiritual decision like rededicating their lives to Christ.”

Fierbach says they market the sites through search engines. He’s asking people to pray that even more respond. He says when people respond to something of interest, “we like to lead them to a Gospel presentation. What we do is solicite an email response or ask them to visit our chat room where we can now engage them more personally.” Eventually, guiding them to Christ.

Truth Media has 450 volunteers who are doing the writing, evangelism and discipleship outreach. Go to TruthMedia-dot-com for additional information.”

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