Interns needed to serve orphans in India and Russia

By December 1, 2011

International (MNN) — Knowing what you want to do in life can be hard, especially in a rough job climate. But for any college-age student or young adult who likes kids, loves the Lord, and has time to travel, Orphan Outreach has something for you to consider.

Orphan Outreach is looking for summer interns in both India and Russia for the month of July in 2012. "It's like going and being a missionary just for the summer," says Tiffany Taylor with Orphan Outreach.

Interns will help at various orphanages throughout the summer. In India, they'll stay in one place, but in Russia they will visit several orphanages. Interns will be helping the staff of Orphan Outreach in the countries and bringing the Good News to children as they serve, but they will also be taking away invaluable experience.

"They're going to learn a lot about the culture. They're going to live there for a month in either country, to get to know the kids and to build some awesome relationships."

Taylor adds, "We have two [interns] that went on and actually went into international ministry full-time after being part of an internship."

Whether the summer interns end up in full-time ministry or not, the trip is a learning lesson in Christ-like service to be sure. Taylor says young people of all walks of life have interned.

"It's really just people that have felt God's call to help orphans," explains Taylor. "There've been some people that may feel God's nudge, and they're not even sure of their major yet–they've just started college and they're trying to think it through."

If this sounds like a description of you or someone you know, logistics are the final step. The internships, whether in India or in Russia, last from July 2 to July 23 in 2012, and the application deadline is January 15. Both trips cost about $4,500 when airfare prices are added into the equation.

The price may seem steep, but Taylor says in the past they have found that when God really wants someone on the trip, raising the support is no problem. Orphan Outreach can help with the process for those accepted into the program.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more or apply, click here.


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