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By May 26, 2015
SOAR International Ministries has their first ever intern joining them this summer in Russia (Photo courtesy of SOAR).

SOAR International Ministries has their first-ever
intern joining them this summer in Russia.
(Photo courtesy of SOAR).

Russia (MNN) — As many college students have returned home from college, a few are taking on summer internships. Many will be joining organizations or businesses to gain experience in the business world. Some will join ministries to gain ministry experience.

SOAR International Ministries is excited about beginning their first internship program this summer.

How did it come about? SOAR’s Greg Mangione says, “As we were talking with different schools and attending missions conference they would ask, ‘What kind of internship opportunities do you have?'”

SOAR began looking into it. “We started talking with one of our partners in western Russia about the possibility of them being involved.”

SOAR has been working on the specifics for about a year. Mangione says, “Beginning June 9, we’ve got one intern from Moody who will be going over to Russia with us.”

SOAR International's Greg and Vika Mangione.

SOAR International’s Greg and Vika Mangione.

“Benm” a Moody Bible Institute student, is heading there next month to help a church who has an orphan transition home outreach. “Once the orphan graduates, what’s left for them? The statics are basically crime and poverty. [When] they come out of the orphanage, they don’t know how to go grocery shopping, they don’t know how to cook and clean. They don’t know how to take care of themselves.”

What will Ben be doing? “Helping to train orphans who have graduated out of the orphanage, as this transition home helps them integrate into normal life and give them skills so that they can have a productive life, but then also mentor them spiritually.”

This particular transition home is seeing incredible results. “90% of them are born again Christians that are active in their church. Many have started families. Many have gone to college or universities and have gotten degrees or specialty education so they can be more productive in society.”

Many who have gone through the program are now giving back and mentoring those who are involved today.

Ben will also help at a summer English camp offered through the church.

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